Hungarian Cultural Society
of Connecticut
The Hungarian Cultural Society of Connecticut (HCSC) was established in 1988
as the successor of the original “Hungarian Reading Circle” of Wallingford,
CT.  HCSC’s mission at the beginning was essentially local and focused on
providing first and second generation Hungarian Americans monthly
opportunities to experience their rich ancestral heritage, through music,
literature, drama and poetry.  In the 90’s, however, as evidence of their more
comfortable economic status, HCSC members expressed an interest to
support selected Hungarian cultural and educational institutions servicing
some of the 2 million strong ethnic Hungarian minority populations
established for centuries in the Transylvania region of Rumania and Trans-
Carpathian Ukraine.

Fall annual gala dinners organized by HCSC are this organization’s sole fund-
raising vehicles. Below are two particular examples of programs sponsored by
In the last few years, HCSC has provided regular
grants to contribute to the upkeep of the Teleki-Bolyai
Library in Tirgu-Mures (Marosvásárhely- RO) housing
many historical collections including that of its
founder,  Count Samuel Teleki (1739-1822) Chancellor
of Transylvania, still in its original eighteen century
edifice.  Among its treasures, one can find several
works dating back to the Italian Renaissance. Similarly,
numerous first editions from fine print shops in Basel,
Amsterdam, Buda or Cluj (Kolozsvar) are housed in the
library as well as rich Hungarian family archives
covering many centuries.  These treasures are also
made available for historical research
Based on the direct advise of school administrators and teachers, HCSC is now forwarding
scholarships to deserving children on behalf of HCSC sponsors. Thus, a very personal
relationship can be established with teenage children, through correspondence and the
occasional exchange of photographs. Most importantly, sponsors receive a direct feedback
from their sponsored children that their contributions are not only appreciated but thoroughly
put to good use.
HCSC members dedicate a substantial
portion of their annual fund raising profits
to direct scholarships to deserving
children in Rumanian/Hungarian or
Ukrainian/Hungarian secondary education
establishments at a cost of $300 per year.
Indeed, whether living in smaller cities or
remote villages, for most Hungarian
families this contribution makes sending
their child to a Hungarian language
institution affordable.